The Importance Of JavaScript

Knowing what JavaScript is can already provide anyone with a good idea of just how important it is to the normal functioning of the internet, but if you really want to get a better appreciation for this aspect, you’ll need to dig quite a bit deeper. It’s a bit difficult to truly comprehend the role that JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS play in the everyday activities that people do online unless you look at it from a coder’s perspective.

Universally Used

To be clear, JavaScript isn’t the only programming language that is related to object scripting in existence since there are actually many others. However, in terms of how universally accepted and used it is, JavaScript is basically the English language of programming. It isn’t quite used by everyone, everywhere, but it is still has a significant presence in the industry.

As to how this affects internet activity, it basically means that practically every web browser and website in the world uses it to deliver the level of interactivity and content that users have become used to. Without JavaScript or indeed, without a universally used programming language, the experience with websites could be radically different based on who made them, where they are made, and the internet culture wherein they are made.

Easily Accessible

There’s a reason why JavaScript is so widely recommended for novice programmers to practice with, aside from the obvious advantages that such a universally used scripting tool brings. For one thing, it’s free and comes with plenty of resources to draw instruction and inspiration from. Technically speaking, you don’t even need formal training to get the hang of it, though some education does help.

JavaScript also comes with any of the major browsers in the market, which means that you don’t really need to download and maintain a library of it in your computer. Thanks to how easy it is to debug, it’s also perfect for refining one’s programming skills without losing their minds over complicated bug fixing. This is a major issue when you’re just starting out as a coder, you can trust that fact.

Gives Life To Webpages

The way the three core structures of the internet works is by reinforcing each other to bring out the final effect of life. HTML provide the canvas, CSS provides the paint and the brush, and JavaScript provides immersion. Without JavaScript, browsing the web would be like browsing one giant art gallery with restrictions.