On Learning JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the simplest coding languages to learn, but this doesn’t mean that everyone can just hop on to their computers and start coding willy-nilly. There’s a process to everything regardless of how simple or accessible something can be. It’s important because it ensures that you will get the best results out of your learning experience and to make the transition as smooth as possible.

With that said, here are a few things that can help you learn JavaScript in the best way.

Start With The Basics

There are a veritable number of JavaScript libraries in the market such as jQuery or CoffeeScript that can provide you with a wide variety of options from the get-go. However, while these are relatively easy to use, you don’t want to use them right off the bat because then you’ll develop some bad habits; namely, simply relying on pre-built code.

You want to start with the basics, which is in this case, would be plain JavaScript. This is the type where you have to code everything instead of relying on pre-coded effects. This will help you become familiar enough with JavaScript that you can make whatever necessary changes you need if you want to produce specific effects.

Read Up

Practical experience is the single best way for you to learn how to code, but there’s also a whole lot you can learn from reading books, articles, and other written materials related to JavaScript. There are so many of them out there that you really won’t have any trouble finding one that would suit your needs. Many of them are free too, but there are some worthwhile literature in the market that are definitely worth the money.

Boot Camps

Just as books can teach you about JavaScript by giving you information, programming boot camps can enhance that knowledge by teaching you how to put it to practice. Naturally, you can’t expect to get much from the free camps that are on offer, but they can at least get you started. Combined with the information you got from reading about JavaScript, you’ll have a much easier time familiarizing yourself with the programming language.

Put Them To Practice

Finally, the only way for you to actually get anything out of these points is to put them to practice again and again. The more you could with the right information on hand, the better you’ll be at using JavaScript. At that point, you can choose any framework you want.